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What is Oxford DataBank?

Oxford DataBank is a free resource for downloading product information for titles published and distributed by Oxford University Press, UK.

Who can use it?

Anyone with access to the internet - whether bookseller, librarian or distributor. The service is free.

What information is available?

Oxford DataBank runs queries from OUP's complete UK catalogue of "in print" and forthcoming products available internationally from the UK distribution centre. This catalogue is updated daily and includes books, CD-Roms, sheet music, and 3rd party products distributed from the UK by OUP under an agency agreement.

Please note: all reports include data only from OUP's UK distribution centre. For information on titles available from OUP's international network of distribution centres please contact your local OUP branch or representative: http://www.oup.com/about/worldwide/

Features include:

  1. Selection by price, level, publication date range or subject.
  2. Selection by format preference (e.g. Paperback or Hardback).
  3. Selection by entering a list of ISBNs.
  4. Selection by UK warehouse availability status.
  5. Receive data for all titles in your selection range, or just new titles added or changed since the last time you received a file.
  6. Receive information presented in a form that is convenient to you - for example as an order from, an advanced information sheet or in a range of database-ready formats (e.g. xml or html).

What content is available?

  1. Bibliographic information
  2. Cover images (.jpgs)
  3. Samples pages from the book (.pdfs)

How can I receive my data feeds?

  1. Receive either as a one-off or as periodic files - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  2. Receive either as a spreadsheet, or in a range of database-ready formats (e.g. xml or html).
  3. Receive either as a compressed email attachment (up to 5 MB) or by FTP.

Further questions?

Please visit the extensive FAQ section.